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Where can I find more information about Central State Hospital, its employees, and patients?

The Indiana State Archives is the best place to start any research regarding CSH and its history. The Archives are located at 6440 E. 30th St., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46219. Phone: (317) 591-5222. E-mail:

Does the IMHM have any volunteer opportunities?

Absolutely! Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities or contact the Education Manager.

Can I explore/ photograph/ do a paranormal investigation on the former Central State Hospital grounds?

The few Central State Hospital buildings and tunnels that remain on the property are marked strictly "no trespassing." Aside from the site of the Old Pathology Building, The Indiana Medical History Museum does not have any jurisdiction over the former Central State Hospital grounds--all requests must be submitted to the property owners. 

Does the IMHM accept book and artifact donations?

The IMHM has a carefully crafted collections policy that is consulted before any items are accepted. Please contact the Executive Director at prior to bringing any books or artifacts. Please do not bring offered donations to the Museum without making an appointment.

Can my organization hold a meeting at the IMHM?

The IMHM’s Programs Committee reviews all requests to hold private functions at the museum. Generally, the museum only grants permission to hold private functions to those organizations that are connected to the medical/scientific or history community. Additionally, there are fees for using the museum for these functions. Contact the Executive Director for more information.


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