Interested in donating an artifact?

Please review the following policies and procedures :

  • Please understand that the Indiana Medical History Museum cannot accept every artifact that is offered. We must take into account the condition of each item, assess how the item fits into our existing collection, determine whether we have adequate space, decide whether the item aligns with our mission, and many other considerations.
  • DO NOT bring or mail artifacts to the museum without the express permission of museum staff. We do not always have a staff person onsite to accept deliveries. We cannot be held responsible for unsolicited items, nor can we devote time to finding a different home for your items. If you send an unsolicited donation, you will be contacted to arrange for the items to be returned to you. If this is impossible, disposal of the items may be required.
  • The museum does not accept items with restrictions, for example, stipulations regarding how the item will be used or displayed. Once donated, the artifacts will be carefully preserved and can potentially be used for a number of purposes, including, but not limited to, exhibition and research.
  • STEP ONE: Contact us at In your email, please list and describe the items that you are interested in donating. It is extremely helpful to include photographs of the items.
  • STEP TWO: We will let you know which items, if any, we are interested in taking a closer look at. We may ask for more information and/or make an appointment with you to bring the items to the museum.
  • STEP THREE: Once you have brought your items to the museum, we may decide to take some or all items into temporary custody pending formal acceptance. You must take any other items with you. 
  • STEP FOUR: Items in temporary custody will be closely evaluated by our collections team. If the team decides not to accept certain items, we will attempt to return them to you.
  • STEP FIVE: You will receive two copies of a Deed of Gift for items that we decide to keep. One copy is for your records, and the second must be signed and returned to us.

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