John B. (#708, 1924)

John B. (1852-1924)

John was a German immigrant who seems to have been homeless when he was arrested in Dearborn County, Indiana in 1900.

He was admitted to Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane (later Central State Hospital) directly from jail. His admission records say that he was melancholy, reclusive, and incoherent. He was “unable to give any account of himself” but “does not appear to be very insane.” It was noted that he was able to write his name to identify himself.

John lived for the next 24 years at Central State and was eventually diagnosed with senile dementia. In September of 1924, he began having shortness of breath and an irregular pulse. He died in his sleep a few weeks later. Part of John’s stomach lining including a gastric ulcer is preserved here.

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