Lunar S. (#837, 1928)

Lunar S. (1882-1928)

Lunar was born in Tennessee and served in the Army in his early twenties. After he was discharged in 1907, he married a woman in his hometown. They moved to Indianapolis when he was 24 and he began working for the Big Four Railroad Company.

After 15 years in the city, in 1925, Lunar’s wife Zora began to notice changes in his behavior, including memory loss and paranoia. He was admitted to Central State Hospital in March of 1926 and was diagnosed with general paresis, a form of neurosyphilis, for which the medical staff administered malaria therapy. He showed signs of improvement and was discharged after a year in the hospital.

Lunar was at home for a few months, although he was not well enough to go back to his job for the railroad. Unfortunately he was readmitted in November 1927. The disease had recurred and was now advanced.

In November of 1928, after experiencing multiple convulsions and paralysis, Lunar passed away. The cause of his death was neurosyphilis resulting in severe atrophy and inflammation of the right hemisphere of his brain.

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