Katherine T. (#714, 1924)

Katherine T. (1849-1924)

Katherine, who went by Kate, was born in eastern Ohio and lived there, near her family, for most of her life. She was a school teacher for nearly three decades.

In 1921 Kate followed family members from Ohio to Tipton County, Indiana. Three years later, her niece noticed a sudden change in Kate’s behavior. She had what her family called a “nervous collapse” and suddenly wanted to go somewhere all the time, although she didn’t know where. She was talkative, restless, and believed she still lived in Ohio.

A physician treated Kate with sedation, and three weeks after her symptoms began, she was admitted to Central State Hospital. At the hospital, she was bedridden but otherwise in fair condition for the first two weeks. Then on December 7, 1924, Kate got a high fever and was diagnosed with pneumonia. She died late that night, just two weeks after admission to Central State.

She had been diagnosed with senile dementia, and the autopsy showed aortic stenosis, arteriosclerosis, and red infarction of the corpus striatum.

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